Wind Mitigation Inspection

What is Wind Mitigation?

Wind Mitigation is an inspection that may qualify a property for discounts on windstorm insurance. Insurance companies reward those who have wind-resistance features on their property that decreases the amount of damage that may occur during a windstorm using discounts and refunds. Less damage equals less cost to insurance companies. These saving are passed on to the homeowner in the form of Wind Mitigation discounts.

What in inspected during a Wind Mitigation Survey?

The primary factors in Wind Mitigation discounts are the wind-resistance features of the property. These features include concrete block construction, gable end bracing, a hip-roof, the presence of a single or double roof straps, the type of roof covering, impact resistant glass, reinforced garage doors, windows shutters, the presence of a secondary water barrier, property opening protection and property topography. Use the Wind Mitigation Certification, the insurance company will be able to calculate the amount of discount and refund. On average, homeowners save between 10%-40% in the first year.

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